Get The Best Prices On Tickets

By Pete Bellisano

Despite being the most lucrative league in the world already, the Premier league has yet again seen an average rise of season ticket prices this year. Today, football fans have marched to the Premier League headquarters to protest about rising ticket prices. Guardian Sport has asked: 'would you stop attending football matches because of rising ticket prices?'


The Origin Of Soccer

By Steven Wong

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in Europe and the Americas. It has a vivid and interesting history in the world of sports. Early evidence of soccer being played as a sport finds occurrence in China during the 2nd and 3rd centuries BC. In China, it was during the Han dynasty that people dribbled leather balls by kicking it into a small net. Recorded facts also support the fact that Romans and Greeks used to play ball for fun and frolic. Some facts point to Kyoto in Japan where kicking of ball was a popular sport. It is said that early growth of the modern soccer started in England.